In each of our centres, our employees are present in different teams, all of which have a common objective: the satisfaction of our customers.
To do this, the Sales Team, Production Team and Sales Administration Team will be coordinated by the Manager of the Centre.




The Manager of the Centre, in charge of managing all of the site's teams, ensures that the guidelines set by General Management and the Support departments are correctly applied and that Commercial and Financial objectives are met. His/her role is also predominant in the application of safety rules and the monitoring of quality standards.



Led by a Sales Manager and made up of Sales Managers and Account Managers, the commercial department will ensure the link between our customers or prospects and the various departments of the company.

  • The Sales Manager implements and operationally develops the commercial objectives defined by the Commercial Department. He manages and guides a team of Sales Managers and Account Managers in the achievement of their respective objectives.
  • Our Commercial Managers are responsible for dealing with all actions aimed at developing our company's business with a large customer base, maintaining the existing customer portfolio while evolving it through the conquest of new accounts.
  • Our Account Managers and Coordinators advise and develop sales of all of the company's products and services. They propose a tailor-made offer to the clients of the site, establish a long-term relationship with customers and carry out all the cost estimates.

They are pivotal to ensuring an ongoing relationship between the customer, the production department and the Sales Administration department.


Atelier LIPS light

Led by a Foreman, the production team will implement all of its skills to achieve our customers´ orders within the set deadlines and in the required quality standards.

  • The Foreman and his Deputies will coordinate the production in order to meet the expectations of our customers. They assist the employees of the Production department on a day-to-day basis, on technical aspects, supervising them and training them in the new techniques of our business, as well as in administrative areas.
  • The Digital Technician or Offset PAO Operator has the role of receiving, checking and preparing the files transmitted by our customers in order to make them printable on the chosen medium.
  • The Versatile Reprographic Operator receives the prepared files, selects the medium(s) and prints them on the appropriate equipment (digital presses, plan plotters, flat table ...).
  • The Offset press Operator sets the Offset Press, according to the print job. He selects the medium(s) and proceeds to print the document.
  • The manufacturer carries out all the operations needed for the assembly and the finishing of the printed documents.
  • The Dispatch Control Agent groups all the documents that make up an order. He ensures that the documents produced correspond to the latter both in quality and in quantity. He then carries out all the operations before dispatch (packaging, registration, preparation of delivery documents ...).


Led by a Sales Administration Manager, the SA team will take on the operational administrative tasks of the Centre.

  • The Sales Administration Manager coordinates and maintains the Centre's administration, billing and collection activities. He remains the preferential contact of the company´s Functional Departments.
  • The Sales Administration Assistant manages the entire administrative part of the site's orders. His main assignments revolve around invoicing and debt collection. He also ensures the reception of telephone calls and in-person reception on the site.


To assist and support our Centres, we list the supporting functions of the company, namely:

  • Administrative and Financial Department,
  • Commercial Department,
  • Design Studio,
  • Marketing and Communication Department,
  • Human Resources Department,
  • Technical Department,
  • Information Systems Department


Created in 1946, Electrogeloz is a family business, specialized in digital and offset printing, via document management solutions.

With a turnover of 33 million euros in 2016, Electrogeloz employs 300 people, prints more than 200 million A4 pages and 2 million square metres of plans per year and responds to the needs of more than 2,500 customers. The Group is present in Paris and Lyon with 7 subsidiaries and 10 production sites.


Headquarters: +33 (0)1 42 85 04 44
Customer service: +33 (0)1 42 85 86 57

OZALID Hotline:
+33 (0) 825 884 160 (€0.15 including all taxes/minute)

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