Disability and FM, finally the solution

logo-apaipsAP’AIPS & Electrogeloz remove the challenge of co-contracting!

AP’AIPS is an Adapted Company, subsidiary of NS-development group. It employs nearly 200 employees with disabilities. AP’AIPS is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.


CO-contracting: what is it ?

  • It is the intervention of an Adapted Company alongside a leading service provider, through the establishment of a temporary grouping of business (GME), specific to the services to be provided.
  • It is a seamless division of tasks, with separate billing of the two entities in charge of the provision of services.
  • It is promoting the professional and social integration of workers with disabilities.

You earn BU : Beneficiary units that entitle you to a reduction in your Agefiph Tax which you are indebted for at the end of the year.

Creator of the concept of co-contracting with the adapted sector, AP'AIPS is a pionner in the activities of Facility Management.

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