Electrogeloz associated with Cèdre Action

A partnership to reconcile environmental and solidarity
Value the main office waste : paper !


Cèdre is an Adapted Company, approved by DIRECCTE.
The vocation of an Adapted company is the creation of permanent jobs for people with disabilities. Today, Cèdre has over 50 disabled workers (90% of its workforce) within its operational service.

By recycling your waste with Cèdre, you earn Beneficiary Units that entitle you to a reduction in your Agefiph Tax which you are indebted for at the end of the year.

The actions put in place :

  • A custimized service through personalized diagnosis
  • A to Z support, installation of recycle bins and raising awareness of all your employees
  • Real traceability is guaranteed by full and accurate reporting
  • Additional services, secured destruction of confidential documents and archives
The promotion of paper is in 1 year :
  • 60,000 trees saved
  • 105 million litres of water (= 1.5 million showers)
  • 14 million kWh of energy
  • 2000 tonnes of unreleased CO2


Download the signed partnership Download the Cèdre's brochure presentation