Our CSR partners


CSR, Corporate Social Responsability includes the responsabilities of the company as a whole, and this, as well the environment and employees, and all the affected community by the company's activities.

Strongly committed to a quality and sustainability approach, it is quite natural that Electrogeloz is involved in this CSR approach.


agefiphSince 1987, agefiph continues its mission in favour of the professional integration and continued employment of disabled people in private companies.

For each company, the contribution is calculated based on the number of disabled employees beneficiaries of the obligations of employment missing in the workforce and the size of the company.

Total workforce of the company

  • 20 to 199
  • 200 to 749
  • More than 750

Amount per missing disabled employee

  • 400 times the hourly minimum wage
  • 500 times the hourly minimum wage
  • 600 times the hourly minimum wage

The increase in the contribution

The contribution may be increased if the company has not conducted any action for employment of disabled people for a period of 3 years. An increase may be done up to 1500 times the minimum wage schedule by missing disabled employee regardless of company size.

What are the possible deductions ?

Expenditure to promote the reception, integration or maintenance in employment of disabled people carried out by the company in the year preceding the declaration are eligible for deduction from the amount of the contribution to Agefiph. Some cases may be taken into account :

  • Execution of works to facilitate accessibility for employees with reduced mobility, beyond the legal requirement ;
  • Implementation of appropriate transportation or housing benefits for disabled employees of the company ;
  • Design of technical equipment or technical aid for persons with disabilities ;
  • Raising awareness of company personnel to the employment or continued employment of disabled employees ;
  • Implementation of vocational training, beyond the legal requirement ;
  • establishing partnerships with the voluntary sector.