Digitization of your documents

You wish to save space by securing your archived documents and facilitating their accessibility and dissemination ?

Electrogeloz offers its key services for digitization  from A5 to A0+. The digitization of documents can be produced on customer site or on Electrogeloz premises.


  • Numérisation
  • Numérisation

Each of our production units is equipped with high volume scanners for the digitisation of all types of documents and whatever their formats. Scanned documents are returned to you in digital format, but can also be burned onto CD-DVD, USB key or indexed to an Electronic Document Management.

Generating savings, paperless documents favours the exchange of information between employees and secures data and important documents for your company.

Electrogeloz also offers its document vectoring service. Vectoring allow you to work and reuse your document indefinitely without degrading the original.

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