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Today, we no longer print as we did yesterday. Quantities have been reduced, technological revolutions have advanced (printing on demand, printing variable data, digital flow and sustainable development). Print now enables more targeted and high value added communications.

Organisation Electrogeloz

Our ambition has always been seek solutions, not for today but for tomorrow and the day after that, because our production systems must be able to meet the demands of todays (reactivity, flexibility and quality), but also those of tomorrow. That is why we have chosen to acquire state-of-the-art management platform which allows them to easily and efficiently manage all their printing orders and thus control their production costs.

It's been our purpose since 1946!


Our machinery:

  • 3 latest generation flat-bed tables able to print on all rigid supports up to 5cm in thickness and 2.5m in width.
  • 1 Heidelberg for offset printing (and 1 Heidelberg AGFA)
  • 39 high volume Black and White printing engines with a capacity of 186.360 sheets/hour (A4 and A3)
  • 53 high volume Colour printing engines engines with a capacity of 228.000 sheets/hour (A4 et A3)
  • 1 IGen 4 to complete the appropriate digital prints
  • 6 photocopiers, plotters and blueprint scanners B&W able to edit 3.570 m²/hour to duplicate all supports up to 1.3m in width
  • 37 large format colour plotters able to edit 4.013 m2/hour to duplicate all supports up to 1.3m in width
  • 6 CD/DVD burners and customisation of CDs and covers
  • Flat 3D scanner
  • 1 plotter and 3 cutting tables