Our Values

Electrogeloz's main objective is to find practical solutions adapted to market prince through listening, responsiveness, innovation and efficiency, so that customers remain focused on their own performance. That is why we dedicate 5% of our turnover each year to research and development.


Our organisation relies on 10 agencies in order to be closer to our customers and be in a position to quickly carry out their printing projects.
Our values are proximity to our people and our customers, openness to change, success, innovation, cost-effectiveness to finance the innovations of tomorrow, respect, team spirit, professionalism and finally responsibility. All these elements are key to a successful collaboration.


Organisation Electrogeloz

Since 2003, a manager for industrial safety and protection guarantees he correct implementation of procedures as regards to confidentiality.
Former officer of the French security agency (DPSD) specialized in industrial safety, is responsible for the physical safety of all premises as well as specific information systems information systems related to Defense. He is the preferred intermediary for our customers who entrust our group wih protected operations. He is in charge of raison staff awareness and is recognized by several ministries.
The protection of premises is under electronic surveillance: wireless contact detector, occupancy sensors and alarms. The information ends up on th eremote monitoring site. The site also has a network of cameras enbling verification in the case of intrusion.
The alarm system is established by an alarm centre. The sites also have access control systems. This system is managed by the security manager. Our Techniplan subsidiary is subject to aptitude visits of its permises to handle classified defence documents from the French security agency (DPSD), as well as the CEA and other services. To be recognized, the company has implemented a secure area under access control to undertake the copying of classified documents.


Electrogeloz has been equipped with the best software in terms of data security, anti-virus and backup. Symantec Endpoint Protection combines Symantec Antivirus with advanced threat prevention to deliver unmatched protection against malware programmes for computers and servers. This solution seamlessly integrates major security technologies in a unique agent and management console to increase protection. Every Electrogeloz computer station and server is protected by Symantec Endpoint Protection solution. Each year, the information systems are subject to intrusion tests to ensure that our solutions are always at the forefront of innovation.

This solution incorporates innovative data duplication technology, a powerful reporting tool for managing storage resources as well as comprehensive security features. This solution is safe, reliable and effective in protecting information stored on physical and virtual servers, it guarantees a backup and a restoration that is both fast and efficient.

Our on-line ordering website is secured through the "https" protocol and certified by the Thawte Company. this is to ensure our customers:

  • Optimum availability in upload and download through the implemented platforms
  • The confidentiality of data in the systems and in buildings
  • Data integrity, without any possible modification of the contents by a non-user


CSR, Corporate Social Responsability, includes the responsabilities of the company vis-à-vis the Company as a whole, and this, both in terms of environment and employees, and the entire community affected by business operations.

Organisation Electrogeloz

Our corporate responsability means respecting the person, the diversity of its employees, their professional and personal development, and the enhancement of their skills.

In 2011, Lips Pro, a subsidiary of Electrogeloz group, signed the 6 commitments of the "Diversity in Business Charter". The charter aims to show our commitment to the society in favour of cultural ethnic and social diversity. Since 2013, we offer our customers a new solidarity and environmental service to value paper waste from the office with the Cèdre adapted company or even to undergo a co-contracting withAP’AIPS, also an adapted company.
Electrogeloz is currently working on the implementation of ISO 26000 for one of its subsidiaries (Defigraph). This standard defines the responsability vis-à-vis the organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment.

  • contributes to sustainabledevelopment including the health and well-being of society
  • takes into account the expectations of stakeholders
  • respects the laws in force and is compatible with th einternational standards
  • is integrated throughout the organization and implemented in its relations


Created in 1946, Electrogeloz is a family business, specialized in digital and offset printing, via document management solutions.

With a turnover of 33 million euros in 2016, Electrogeloz employs 300 people, prints more than 200 million A4 pages and 2 million square metres of plans per year and responds to the needs of more than 2,500 customers. The Group is present in Paris and Lyon with 7 subsidiaries and 10 production sites.


Headquarters: +33 (0)1 42 85 04 44
Customer service: +33 (0)1 42 85 86 57

OZALID Hotline:
+33 (0) 825 884 160 (€0.15 including all taxes/minute)

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